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I'm committed to customer satisfaction, and know the importance of doing exceptional work. My services have helped countless customers with their repair needs. Learn more about what we have to offer below.

Minor Tune Up


  • Safety Inspection

  • Minor Brake Adjustments

  • Minor Derailleur Adjustments

  • Lube Chain

  • Check Tire Pressures

  • Check All Hardware for correct tightness & TQ

Advanced Tune Up


  • Safety Inspection

  • Washing & Cleaning Bike

  • Degreasing Drivetrain

  • Degreasing Shifters

  • Adjusting F&R Brakes

  • Adjusting F&R Derailleurs 

  • Lubing all pivot points as needed

  • Lubing Chain

  • Checking Derailleur Alignment

  • Minor Wheel Truing

  • Checking Headset 

  • Setting Tire Pressure

  • Tightening & TQ All Hardware

  • Paint Cleaner & Wax Polish


Starting  at $250.00

Love your bike but it's never seen repair stand or its been a long time? This is the ultimate spa treatment for your bike.


  • Safety Inspection

  • Washing & Cleaning Bike

  • Paint Cleaning & Detail

  • Hand Polish & Wax

  • Removing Drivetrain & Deep Cleaning In Ultrasonic Machine

  • Degreasing Shifters & Brakes

  • Silca Super Secrete Chain Wax Application

  • Cleaning & Greasing Wheel Hubs & Bearings

  • Cleaning & Greasing Headset Bearings

  • F&R Wheel Truing

  • Removing Inspecting bottom bracket (cleaning & greasing)

  • Setting Tire Pressure


From Tires & Tubes to Bar Wrap, Tire Sealant

Spinning Bike Wheel


Need a Flat Fixed, New Tires or Thorn Liners Installed RDB has you covered.

  • $15.00 Labor Per Tire

  • $5.00 Labor Per Thorn Liner

  • Tube Costs Varies Depending on Type & Size.

  • Rim Strip Pricing Varies Depending on Type & Size.

Close-up of Handlebar

Cables & Housings

Cables Sticking, Kinked or Damaged?

New Cables & Housing Solve 90% of shift and brake issues.
External Cables & Housing

Labor $40.00

Internal Cable & Housing Routing

Labor 25.00 Per Cable

  • Shift & Brake Housing $4.00 Per Ft.

  • Cables $5.00 to $6.00

  • Housing & Cable End Caps .50 EA

Blue Bike

Road Bike Bar Tape Wrap

Are Your Road/Gravel Drop Bar Tape Worn?

  • Labor $40.00 to remove old & Install New Bar Wrap Tape

  • Cost of Tape Varies On Type

  • Additional Gel Padding Available


Tannus Tire Armour

Tired Of Fixing Flats Replacing Tubes Or Dealing With Tire Sealant.

Tannus Armour Uses A Foam Insert To Provide 15mm Of Thorn Protection And Sidewall Protection. Super Lightweight. Run Lower Tire Pressures, Rim Protection

  • Labor $25.00 Per Wheel

  • Tannus Inserts W/ Tubes 70.00 Per Wheel

Tannus Tubeless Inserts $49.95 Per Wheel
Available only in

27.5, 29 & 700x33-47



Brake Pads Worn?

  • Rim Brakes

    • Labor $15.00 Per Wheel Plus Cost of Pads.

  • Disc Brakes - Mechanical

    • Labor $15.00 Per Wheel Plus Cost of Pads.

  • Disc Brakes - Hydraulic

    • Bleeding Labor $40.00 Per Wheel plus the cost of fluid.

    • Pad Pricing Varies.

    • Bleeding Includes Installation Of New Pads.


Bike Accessories

Need New Accessories Installed?  I Install Everything From:

Labor Starts At $40.00 Per Hour

  • Baskets

  • Front & Rear Racks

  • Kickstands

  • Grips

  • Bells

  • Lights 

  • Seats

  • Bars,

  • Pedals



Upgrading Your Drive train Or Need to Replace Worn Out Parts.

  • Labor Start Out At $40.00 Per Hour.

  • Cassettes

  • Chain rings

  • Chain (swap from old to new $25.00)

  • Shifters

  • Cranks

  • Bottom Brackets

  • Freehub Body

Spinning Bike Wheel

Tubeless Tires

Tubeless Tires Need to Be Replenished Every 2-4 Months Here in AZ

  • Replenishing Tires $15.00 Per Wheel Plus Cost of Sealant.

  • Clean & Reseal 40$ Per Wheel Plus Cost of Sealant.

  • At Times Its Cheaper to Replace Tires W/ New & Add Fresh Sealant

Tubeless Conversion

  • $40.00 Per Wheel

  • Tape & Sealant Extra

Bike Wheel Fix

Wheel Truing

Stop Riding with a Bent Wheel Or Broken Spoke

  • Wheel Truing Minor Side to Side 20.00 Per Wheel.

  • Major Truing $40.00 Per Wheel.

  • New Spoke & Nipple Install $25.00 Per Wheel Up To 4 Spokes Per Wheel.

  • At This Time I Don't Offer Wheel Building But Can Point You In the Right Direction