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All You Need to Know


E-BIKE INFO: Are all E-Bikes the same? The simple answer is no. There are so many brands popping up left and right due to manufacturing in China. You can start a company have bikes built off of prefabbed frames and designs and use your own brand name on sell them on any platform. The huge issue is that companies will open a warehouse, import the bikes and sell them in the USA. They have ZERO dealer help or access to replacement parts. If the bike/trike is damaged from the manufacture then the importer might not claim responsibility and force you to pay to have it fixed or shipped back to the importer. Most E-bikes coming from China from these unknown brands have terrible build quality and will more than likely cost you more in the long run to repair and upkeep then more well known brands. 
 RAD POWER BIKES:  No I am not affiliated with them but yes I can work on them. I can't do any warranty repair due to them wanting to use only proprietary service techs. As far as I am aware there is only 1 here in the valley of AZ.

There are tons of brick and mortar stores here in AZ that sell E-Bikes. I highly recommend you buy from someone local and established that can provide warranty repair & replacement parts.

Wheel & Hub Driven E-bikes: are very heavy usually around 50-75lbs. They are big, heavy and will need a special stand to hold them and work on them. If you are going to haul them around you need to buy an E Rated bike that can hold their weight safely. Most of these bikes require more time to be spent working on them. When they have fenders, lights, racks and other accessories installed they have to be removed to gain access to other parts of the bike. Wiring and zip-ties have to be removed as well and then replaced. Tire changing takes longer due to size of wheels and wider widths. Most E-bikes don't use quick release axles or through frame mounted axles on the rear wheels. This causes the removal to take longer. E-bikes will also wear out chains, freewheel, cassettes, brakes much faster due to weight and speed. Most E-bikes that come through my shop use entry level parts to keep cost down and they are not rated for E-Bikes so they will wear out quicker.


I source my parts from various part wholesalers and have access to most brands but there are limitations due to on going supply chain issues and manufactures running short on supplies.


Typical turn around time is 3-7 business days depending on services needed, parts need to be ordered or waiting on parts to arrive.


Cash, Check (If your local in the neighborhood) Debit, Credit Cars, Venmo (All CC/Debit/Venmo Have a 3% Fee to Cover the cost that I'm charged from Square.)

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